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As far as we're concerned, the most important thing to know about how we cook is that we use a spice called "Love". That means we put our heart into it, we put love into it, and we put our history into it. No Reservations Need - Soul Bistro is more than just a place to get good food, it's the true melody of American food.  Our food - Soul Food tells a story about survival.  We feel after the 2020-2021 year the world needs something to sing about.  Each dish has come out of our real life experiences - whether it was passed down from generations, friends, or while serving in the United States Navy.  Lastly, we know that Soul Food is heavy on ingredients like butter and other fats and sugar and salt, and while these enhancers are tasty (who can deny that?), we've learned to be a little more careful about how liberal we are with these ingredients.  But trust us the food still "Sings"!

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